I want to thank you for inspiring my daughter. In a recent visit to her elementary school in Colorado, you reached her. She has been in a tough place in life. Since meeting you and reading your books she has gotten more into her writing. This has been a great way for her to express herself and use her talents. On her own free will she asked the school librarian for some paper to write her own story. She surprised the librarian the next day with a colorful story with illustrations. She was also one of your contest winners. I would imagine you get this type of message often, however thank you very much for touching my daughter’s life and helping her through a rough patch as well as giving a voice when she couldn't find her own….A grateful mom

Email from a young fan in Nebraska:  I enjoyed hearing you talk about your animals and the books you wrote.  I can't wait to get my book about Jazmine when I get to school on Thursday.  I'm also going to love telling my classmates that I got my picture taken with you .  I'm going to ask my mom if she will let me order some of your other books.  I want your new one too.  My mom is a teacher so she is always telling me to read more.  After meeting you, I think I will.

"There are a couple of things that are very important to preserve and perpetuate in our great American society.  One is an appreciation of our magnificent land and all her glory and opportunities.  The other is the ability of each person to reach his or her potential.  In order to reach that potential one needs to have a sense of self worth and an incentive to take care of one's health both mental and physical.  Peg paints a vivid and beautiful picture of both things in this fabulous book.  Every young person will read and understand the lessons and be entertained by the animals and the beauty of the setting.
Great work, Peg."   ----RED STEAGALL, Western Media Mogul

 I just wanted to write a short note sharing how much our school loved the presentation by Cowgirl Peg earlier this week!  Ms. Sundberg came to present at our Rachel’s Challenge Kick-Off event which involves being kind and compassionate to others and making good choices.  Ms. Sundberg presented to the entire campus of 5th and 6th graders and the students loved it!  She used her own animal stories to capture the attention of the students (which is sometimes a challenge at this age level), but they continually stayed interested!  The presentation touched everyone – students and staff - and we are very thankful to have had Ms. Sundberg come out to speak to us!  I hope to have her come out again at some point this school year. We appreciate her coming out and what a wonderful job she did!  G.Galindo, Counselor, Azle TX

**I would like to say that our visit from you has left a lasting impact on our students! They not only enjoyed your visit, but because of your motivation, they are excited about writing! You did a fantastic job touching on all writing traits during your visit. I had a 4th grade teacher whisper to me "She is covering exactly what I am teaching!" My younger students still can’t get enough of your books. They are "taking turns" checking out each and every one of them. We hope to have you back! Thanks for bringing your stories and motivation to our school. Carey Govert , Lake Street Elementary, Crown Point, IN

Pegʻs day at Kamehameha was well spent as she told stories, greeted students and teachers, took pictures, autographed books, and learned a few Hawaiian words to boot. (No pun intended.) By the end of the day Peg herself had a new name, Paniolo Peg!  We learned a lot and made a new friend.  Mahalo nui loa, Nalani Naluai and the Hi`ilei Media Center Staff, Oahu

**Cowgirl Peg visited our school on two different occasions.  Each visit brought joy to our students and thought provoking aspects to each presentation!  Our students grew in character in response to reading her books and hearing them read! The lessons about being true to yourself, making good choices, and growing as a person made an impact on our students.  In teaching writing lessons following her visit, students will recall elements of her presentaiton including revision and editing aspects she presents.  They retain what she has shared!  It has been over a year since Peg was in our building last and I had a second grade student last week recall her presentation and relate it to a lesson I was teaching!  That's a successful presentation!  Beyond the powerful lessons and impact she brings to a school presentation, Cowgirl Peg also does a great job of commanding student attention and captivating their imaginations.  She's incredibly organized in her book sales, as well.  She made that part of the visit easy and pleasant!   We LOVE Cowgirl Peg and highly recommend her for school visits! – Anita Phipps, Marek Elementary, Pearland TX

“Cowgirl Peg” did a fabulous job explaining the writing process as well as integrating character education.  No suggestions for improvement, it was a great presentation! “ Literacy Team, Sewell Elementary, Texas

 “It was a pleasure having the opportunity to meet you at the recent Family Reading Event sponsored by the Southern Colorado Reading Council.  Thanks ever so much for the exceptional presentation.  I’m very impressed with the message that your books leave with each reader.”  L. Hardesty, Executive Coordinator, Colorado  International Reading Association

“You really give an awesome presentation!  The kids are still talking about it 5 days later!”  “We’ve had other authors visit our school.  You and your presentation are a huge cut above any others.”  Beth Washington & Janet Noland, Librarians -- Grand Junction, CO