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Jazmine Cover

Book # 8

Crooze on, Croozer!  


This true, inspirational story is told by Croozer, a little blind dog.  He shares his adventures and challenges, using his superpowers of hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and touching.  The author’s goals for this book were two-fold for readers of all ages: 

  • Increasing the awareness & appreciation of being blessed with sight.
  • Instilling encouragement and inspiration with readers who “see” through their superpowers instead of their eyes.

Croozer’s book will be publicly presented by Peg, along with Croozer & his “Mom,” on CBS’s “Good Morning Sacramento” (CA) late March. They will be joined by one of the Non-Profit groups that plays a vital role in the story.  National media and school visits will follow.  Royalties from the book sales will be donated to the 4 non-profits that collectively saved Croozer.

Watch Croozer's Good Day Sacramento interview HERE.




“Peg Sundberg is an animal lover with a certain affinity for horses and dogs. Her books are not only entertaining but contain positive and humane life lessons. “Crooze on Croozer” is an especially heartwarming story which exemplifies kindness and compassion to animals with special needs.” Ruth and Nolan Ryan

“The main message of this book is: Don’t waste time worrying about what you can’t do. Use the abilities you do have. You may have hidden superpowers like Croozer has.” Mrs. Cynthia and Dr. C.David Hearn, M.D.

From the Fair School 4th grade class, Plymouth, MN:
“Cowgirl Peg” does it again with another AMAZING book. I loved how she explained about being blind when she is not blind. The story was heart touching, and I can tell that all the rest of her books will be as great as this one is. Thank you Cowgirl Peg for making another amazing book!-- Lily S.

“I think this new Cowgirl Peg book was totally awesome to hear. It was heart touching and amazing. I am so happy I got to preview this book! -- Etta T.

“Crooze on Croozer AWESOMELY describes what it might be like being blind. For example, I remember Croozer was sniffing around at the dump in New Mexico. He said the smells were sour, sweet and stinky. I thought that was a very good description. Basically, what I’m saying is that Cowgirl Peg did an AMAZING job with detail and painting pictures in words.” Jack B.

"I feel Croozer is the best book by far that you have authored.  You have masterfully personified this amazing dog into a life lesson for kids just when they need it the most, post-Covid."  Dr. Bruce Bordelon, DVM

"Crooze On Croozer is a sweet children’s book-perfect to share. The author carefully selected vocabulary and wordage to suit both reading aloud or silently by an individual reader. The many illustrations beautifully and playfully complement the story. It’s an upbeat and heartwarming mix of a true story and make-believe that is sure to please adults and children alike. Well done." Dr. Pamela Bird