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All are Happy, positive stories

  Croozer Book Cover

Crooze on Croozer!

  • New in 2023, Book # 8
  • True Amazing Story of Croozer, a little blind dog
  • Teaches appreciation of having sight
  • Encouraging messages for those who "see with
    superpowers" instead of eyes
  • A Feel-Good Book for Mid-Elementary & higher level

Visit our "Croozer" page for more details.

  Lonesome Cover

Lonesome the Little Horse

  • Based on a true story
  • Easy-to-read
  • Teaches readers
    •  To be a friend and never be a bully
    •  To make good choices
  Shortstuff Cover

Shortstuff Bucks!

  • A Fun Rodeo story told by Cowgirl Peg's horses
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Elementary reading level
  Jazmine Cover

Jazmine's Incredible Story

  • True story of Cowgirl Peg's dog Jazmine
  • Animals have feelings just like people do!
  • Happy story of her ranch adventures
  • Elementary reading level
  Okey-Dokey Cover

Okey-Dokey Oakie

  • Horses and Cowgirl Peg tell the fun story
  • Teaches readers to make smart choices
  • Respect your friends!
  • Have Good Fun, Not Bad Fun!
  • Elementary reading level
  The Great Race Cover

Cowgirl Peg & the Great Race

  • Includes all the main characters from other Cowgirl Peg books
  • Action-packed entertaining story
  • Messages about healthy lifestyles, teamwork, honesty and friendship
  Adventures Cover

Adventures & Misadventures of Cowgirl Peg

  • The only Cowgirl Peg "chapter" book
  • Written for higher reading levels
  • Mini-autobiography with life lessons