Cowgirl Peg with her horseBorn and raised in Texas, Peggy Sundberg became a genuine cowgirl at the age of 5 when she got on her first horse. It was the beginning of a lifetime with horses and her love for them grew through the years. In her early adult years, she and her family were transferred to Minnesota, then eventually re-located to the Rocky Mountains which provided the setting for her earliest books. She returned, with her horses and dogs, to the beautiful rural Texas Hill Country in 2011.

She grew up with a love of writing and won several awards while in school, including the TX UIL State Championship. For many years, she dreamed of writing children’s books, but was determined to create stories that included life messages for young readers. Her first book, Lonesome the Little Horse, based on the true story of a horse she rescued, arrived in 2002 and began what now is the nationally popular “Cowgirl Peg Books Series.” Now complete with eight books, the series uses her horses & dogs to deliver messages for readers including anti-bullying, friendship, empathy, drug awareness, dealing with peer pressure, respect, responsibility, healthy lifestyles, teamwork, etc. The books have been featured on television news programs & in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally. Known to thousands of children, parents and educators as “Cowgirl Peg”, Peggy visits hundreds of schools around the country, presenting her books & preserving the importance of Western Heritage. Two schools, after experiencing horrific shooting disasters, invited her to work with their students on empathy and tolerance of differences, using her books for interactive discussions.

Book # 8 joins the series early 2023: Welcome, Crooze on, Croozer!

This true, inspirational story is told by Croozer, a little blind dog. He shares his adventures and challenges, using his superpowers of hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and touching. The author’s goals for this book were two-fold for readers of all ages:

  • Increasing the awareness & appreciation of being blessed with sight.
  • Instilling encouragement and inspiration with readers who “see” through their superpowers instead of their eyes.

Croozer’s book will be publicly presented by Peg, along with Croozer & his “Mom,” on CBS’s “Good Morning Sacramento” (CA) late March. They will be joined by one of the Non-Profit groups that plays a vital role in the story. National media and school visits will follow. Royalties from the book sales will be donated to the 4 non-profits that collectively saved Croozer.

Peg’s dream of writing books is a reality. Her biggest reward is positively impacting the lives of young readers.

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Cowgirl Peg's school wardrobe is proudly donated by Wrangler.