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ISBN# - 0-9721057-4-30
Softcover / Perfect Bound


Cowgirl Peg and The Great Race


"Caldecott Art Award" nominee


Cowgirl Peg and the Great Race is an entertaining reunion of all the favorite animal characters from each of the previous Cowgirl Peg Books.  The horses -- Lonesome, Shortstuff, Lacey, Wise Guy, Red and Okey – plus the dogs Jazmine, Harley and Muffin share a hilarious adventure at the ranch.  The story delivers a great message about the importance of healthy lifestyles and includes subtle connections to the previous books. Again illustrated by Pat Wiles, it is a beautiful book for kids and grown-ups of all ages! 

"There are a couple of things that are very important to preserve and perpetuate in our great American society.  One is an appreciation of our magnificent land and all her glory and opportunities.  The other is the ability of each person to reach his or her potential.  In order to reach that potential one needs to have a sense of self worth and an incentive to take care of one's health both mental and physical.  Peg paints a vivid and beautiful picture of both things in this fabulous book.  Every young person will read and understand the lessons and be entertained by the animals and the beauty of the setting.
Great work, Peg."   ----RED STEAGALL

“The importance of developing healthy lifestyle habits and positive character values are well-illustrated in this beautiful book.  As a practicing physician for more than 35 years, I saw medical problems that could be related both directly and indirectly to lifestyle issues, many having their beginnings in childhood.  Positive character values such as self-responsibility and respect for the feelings of others are nicely illustrated in this book and deserve the attention of both children and parents.  I highly recommend it to all families with young children.” ----C. David Hearn, M.D., FACS

As an educator and coach, I have spent my entire career encouraging people to be active and healthy through traditional physical activities and lecture.  Peg Sundberg has artistically done the same thing through this story. I am delighted that her message in this book focuses on healthy lifestyles.  --- Martha Brennan, Ph.D.; Head Women's Track & Field Coach; Senior Women's Administrator; University of Central Oklahoma